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Listen: whether you hire us or not, read what comes below. You´ll find it useful.

Rioja Wine Region

Wine Tour from San Sebastian

IMPORTANT: If you prefer visiting a specific Winery, Please remember to notify us in an email and we will let you know if it is possible.

Do you know that wonderful feeling? This Wonderful Feeling…

Being in a place where there are more vineyards than people. Knowing that you can enjoy that third glass of wine because you’re not the one driving. Being guided by an expert that will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you’ve been hoping for: Classic Wine Cellar or Avant Garde? A stroll through the River Ebro and through underground caves and a medieval village. Travel back in time and discover total peace, this is Rioja. It is not a sensation, it’s a way of life. Live for a day.

What will we visit?

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What Wineries will we visit? Will they be traditional or Avant Garde? Familiar and small or renowned and large? What kind of wine will we taste? Will they be young styles or Gran Reserva? Will they follow the norm or be totally different? Will we walk through the vineyards? Will we visit the centers of elaboration? What about the food…

Breathe and listen. There are more than 600 wineries in Rioja D.O. There is an ocean of vineyards, delicious gastronomy and wonderful people.

We have designed a private tour that combines everything previously mentioned in a way that everything turns out just perfectly:

Comments from previous guests:

“Let’s take a photo in this authentic picturesque village!”

“They only produce 2000 bottles? Must be special. How much does it cost to ship a box back home?”

“How welcoming everyone is! I hope I retire here, in a little house, with a good book and lots of wine.”

Cata Clandestina


We like to keep it traditional, and you should too, (if not you wouldn’t be traveling through Europe, would you?) and that is why we usually begin the tour by visiting hundred year old wineries in El Barrio de la Estación (Haro).

To cut it short: at this winery you will taste an exclusive selection of grand wines from Rioja, and you will learn to understand what is considered to be a good traditional Rioja wine, including what kind of barrels were used, how many years it took to age the wine, the different varieties of grape used…

But what would Old wine be if New Wine didn’t exist?

A winery with signature wines where its creators exceed excellence by offering new and exciting products with a lot of care. The extra virgin olive oil, the bread, the charcuterie, everything perfectly detailed to accompany the wines of Rioja, What a Scandal!

And the third (depending on availability): a winery where the protagonist is the landscape. And all the pleasure and more is visual: a châteaux sorrounded vineyards. A tasting held in the underground caves from the 16th century…

rioja wine02


Various options for lunch are available. The restaurant is decided upon depending on the seasonality of produce available and the specialities of each restaurant. How about dining in a medieval village, Laguardia or San Vicente de La Sonsierra, for example. Or have a picnic in the middle of a vineyard, what about lunch in the hundreds of year old caves? Bit by bit, you’ll love it.

Well that is all. Wait! What about that metallic building in the distance, sculpted by the wind and the waves of the sea?

That is the Hotel of Marqués de Riscal Winery, designed by Frank Gehry. The building is a work of art, no doubt, and we will go to visit it. After wine tasting, a coffee at the hotel’s terrace is not a bad option.

Three wineries, a thousand vineyards, and multiple villages, a whole world. Come with us, come discover Rioja.

Note: lunch is included in this tour.

2 guests:

825 €


Private tour

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Time: 8:15

Duration: 9 hours

Places: 3 Wineries in Rioja, Laguardia/San Vicente de la Sonsierra


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 WInery Visits( Guided visit in one winery, tasting in all 3)

8 Premium Wines

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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