Up to 2 guests:


520 €

Escucha: nos contrates o no, lee lo que viene debajo. Que te va a ayudar.

La Sociedad Gastronómica de mi abuelo

Be Basque for a day” the phrase that best fits this experience. Super plan.

A plan which consists of three things:


  1. Visiting the San Martín Farmer’s Market and buying fresh produce.
  2. Driving down the Basque Coast to “Gure Borda”. Gure what? “Gure Borda”, our refuge in Basque. Our family secret society.
  3. Celebrate Life. What do you mean by this? Cooking and eating together. You by our side and vice versa.

What will we visit?

Up to 2 guests:


520 €

sociedad gastronómica


At the Fruit stand: “¡Buenos días, Rosa!” “¡Hola Álvaro! I have fresh strawberries grown in a little village just outside of San sebastian. Here, you can have two of these, three of those, and have a taste of this! Let our guests try them! ¿Delicious! Right? They pair perfectly with cheese!”

At the Fish stand: “¡Hola Loli!” “¡Hola! Look, they’ve just brought these calms two hours ago. Throw them on the grill and there you have it. They are exquisit! And for the main dish I’ve already put aside a few Tuna steaks!

At the Butcher’s: “¡Buenos días tal!” “¡Hey man! ¿De dónde son hoy tus invitados? Where are you from? Oh! Colorado! Amazing nature there, right? Álvaro, I’ve brought these sausages from a nearby village. Try a bit… I hope you like spicy food. With wine there is no better companion.

que comeremos


Now that we have everything…

On the road: “Look, now we will take the route of the Basque Coast and we will pass through two villages: Orio and Zarauz. My maternal grandfather was born in Orio, but he lived all his life in Zarauz. He was the one who bought the land where we will soon eat. So you can thank him for that.

Arriving at Gure Borda: “Are those vineyards over there?” “Yes! That’s where the grapes for the first wine we are going to taste grow”. “Wow, that beach is huge, and what waves!” “Yes, it’s the first beach where surfing started in Spain” “Do you surf?” “I’m trying! hahaha”.

At Gure Borda: “My God, what a place! Is this where we are going to eat? You guys are so lucky…” “We are. And so are you!

vistas gure borda02


Starters: vary according to season: Huelva prawns, clams, acorn-fed ham, piparras, anchovies from Guetaria, mushrooms…

Main course: usually fish. Hake, monkfish, turbot… Grilled? Baked? Pil-pil? What? Nothing. We’ll explain it to you.

Desserts: Idiazabal Basque cheese? With fig jam, please. “I’m more of a sweet person. “You’ll try the pantxineta.” “Pantxi-what?”. “You wait and see. It’s the most typical dessert in San Sebastian”.

With coffee? Good chocolate: lots of cocoa and little sugar.

Drinks: white and/or red wine. There are more than 4,000 wineries in Spain. Don’t worry. There is plenty to choose from. If you are one of those who prefer beer: it will be artisanal and Basque.


Private Tour

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Additional Adult: +155€

Additional guest (10-17 years): +95€

10 years and younger: No charge

Time: 10:00

Duration: 5 horas

Places: San Martin Market, “Gure Borda” (Basque Coast)


Complete Menu and wine pairing for each guest

Professional Guide




⊗ Anything not previously mentioned.


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