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San Sebastian Wine Tour

This Pintxo Tour is only for the valiant. You want to try San Sebastian wine? Clandestine Wine Tasting of singular wines and alternative Pintxo Tour in Gros. Are you intrigued? Besides having to be brave, you’re looking for something different, and this is the plan. But what is an alternative Pintxo Tour? Well, something out of the ordinary. We will take you to the hidden bares, hard to come by, not taking into account the wine bar to follow…

What will we visit?

san sebastian wine


This is where the clandestine wine tasting begins. Normally when you ask for a glass of wine at the bar, they serve you a relatively acceptable quality of wine, yet I think we are looking for something more special…

This wine tasting includes a selection of singular wine selected by sommeliers. Wine which originates from all regions in Spain, which has limited production and of the finest elaboration. The wine list constantly changes, but we bet that what you discover at the tasting will even surprise us! The sommeliers are people who love what they do, and that makes all the difference.

basque food


Local Bars offer a sort of security and a know-how that always triumphs. They know what works and what doesn’t. They know exactly what to recommend to a hungry customer, even one that may not know that they’re hungry. All these things they know, yet English is not included. Yet that is something with charm. A smile on your face is enough to tell them that you are enjoying the food and service that they are giving. By the end of the evening you’ll already be conversing with the server.

san sebastian bars


We are lucky to have some of the best gastronomic experts in all of Spain, this inevitably attracts culinary experts from all over the world (including Japan, Mexico and Italy)… Experts who arrive in San Sebastian in hopes to incorporate their culinary knowledge and exchange it with ours.

Those who have just opened their restaurant are ready for culinary INNOVATION, to surprise and awe us! They are here to introduce you to a new kind of gastronomy, “new” as in, not from around here, so fitting right in. These restaurants have become indispensable, they are responsible for the endless list of gastronomic luxuries in San Sebastian.

NOTICE: the pintxo tour ends the Donostian Way : with artisan ice cream and a walk on the beach.

2 guests:

420 €


Private Tour

Pick up at Hotel

Additional Adulto: +175€

Additional guest ( 10-17 years of age): +90€

10 years and younger: No charge

Time: 11:00

Duration: 3-3,5 hours

Places: San Sebastián (Gros)


Wine Tasting with horderves

Complete Pintxo Menu for each guest

Private tour guide


⊗ Anything not previously mentioned


Txakolina Family Winery, Zumaia’s Flysch and Getaria

Basque Cheese, Family Wine Cellars and Getaria

Fishing Village Pasajes, Coastal Town of Hondarribia & Mount Jaizkibel

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