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Guggenheim, Bilbao and Mundaka

For you, who knows how to appreciate contemporary art. For you, used to cities with a certain rhythm and hustle and bustle. For you, who are not only looking for the idyllic fishing village far from the big city. For you, who want to know which is the city in the Basque Country where most lawyers, financiers and Ubereats deliverymen work. For you. This tour is for you.

PS: the idyllic village is also included in this tour. It is called Mundaca. We usually visit it after our visit to Bilbao and the Guggenheim.

What will we visit?



Contemporary art is not for everyone. Neither is the Guggenheim Museum. If you enjoy The Sistine Chapel and Las Meninas by DIego Velázquez but Jackson Pollock o Mark Rothko is indifferent to you, this tour is not for you. This might be of interest to you.

If you are by chance a fan of New York City’s MOMA or Center Pompidou in Paris, then you are in luck! This tour is definitely for you.

What a grand dog house they’ve constructed for the dog, said by the people of Bilbao. The dog house, being the Guggenheim Museum, has an enormous bush carved into the shape of a dog waiting to greet you at the front door. Jeff Koons, author of this design, names the bush “puppy”.

Frank Gehry, architect of the Museum designed the building to be covered with titanium and calcium, structured like a flower, depending on where one looks. Let the interior of the building be discovered by you.

bilbao tour


Some may say Bilbao is not as beautiful as San Sebastian, although if you are someone that appreciates urban areas which merge modern and old architectural styles, Bilbao is full of it! Being the fifth largest city in Spain, Bilbao is full of events, sports, exigent gastronomy, museums, universities and lots of politics. A city with important industrial ports surrounded by green mountains.

This city is also the key to understanding the Industrial Revolution of the Basque Country:

Which geographical sectors generated the most riches? Bilbao’s position being situated in heavily wood and iron populated lands, open to the Cantabrian Bay most definitely wins. Bilbao had the highest Per Capita Income in all of Spain until the early 70’s, that is why it was referred to as the “Spanish London.”

If understanding the historical and economical background of Basque Country Regions interest you, choose Bilbao!

If you are more drawn to idyllic landscapes and enjoy walks through small fishing villages and forests, click here.



In all of the Basque Country and in Europe. HA! What about those certain individuals who state “Oh yes, I surf, have surfed! Let them go to Mundaka, let them have a test run, the Basque surfing test.

IMPORTANT: We do not do surf tours. Unfortunately, we are not experienced enough to take our guests surfing.

And if surfing is not of particular interest to you, that is alright. Mundaka sits in a protected national park, surrounded by little villages and held in the mouth of the Urdaibai River, a protected biotope. Around Mundaka we will find fishing ports, Laga Playa, The Lookout of Ogoño, and much more.

The best part is that Mundaka is not a well known tourist attraction, few people know of its importance and relevance to the Basque people.

2 guests:

590 €


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Places: Museo Guggenheim, Bilbao, Mundaka


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