Wine Tours from San Sebastian

Let me guess:

You’ve just arrived to San Sebastián, and going wine tasting with your partner, parents, friends is something that you’d really enjoy doing. You want to:


· Taste and get to know the wines from the region.

· Pair these wines with good food.

· Forget about driving.

· Pair those wines with good food.

· See medieval villages and sea ports.

· Pair those wines with good food.

· Visit authentic, exclusive wine cellars. Intime ambiance.

· Pair those wines with good food.

“Take me to la Rioja, the Spanish Tuscany”

“¿They make wine in the Basque Country? ¿So close to the ocean?”

“¡I want a secret wine tasting in San Sebastián!”

Follow us and we will show you how it is done:


In love from the first drink of wine

Rioja Wine Region

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San Sebastian Wine Tour

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Txakoli Family Winery, Zumaia’s Flysch and Getaria

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