If you write to us saying, “We only have a bit of time left, what tour would you recommend to us?” We won’t respond.

Oh great… right?

We are a small company and we do not have a 5 to 9 receptionist. We are all tour guides and are focused in one thing: designing a tour to its full potential:

1. We would like our guests to feel comfortable and invited.

2. We want to feed curiosity and calm any doubts.

3. We adapt to our guest’s needs.

4. Accomplish a relaxed environment where conversation flows and stimulates positive energy. Where guest and guide feel like two old friends catching up.

This is what we are about.

Y claro, si por la mañana llegan 12 mails a la bandeja de entrada e intentamos contestarlos todos vía iPhone, ni haremos bien los tours ni contestaremos bien los mails.


Please keep in mind that multiple emails will take longer to respond. When you write to us, please be clear and concise with what you need. We need time and the right information to make your tour worth while.

If you email looks similar to: “ “We only have a bit of time left, what tour would you recommend to us?” Click here, this link will accompany the question without having to write emails.

If you have inquiries regarding payment methods, cancelation policies, tour durations or dietary restrictions… Click here (Link a personalized tour).

If you would like to spend more than one day with us, Click here.

If you find that your questions are not already answered in the tour, please write us an email.


How many people will participate in the tour?

The tours are private, you decide how many guests to invite. In wineries and museums, the tour may not be private.

What is your best tour?

The correct question is Which tour is best for me? Discover it here.

Where are pick up and drop off points?

We pick up and drop off our guests at their hotel or choice of location in San Sebastian. If you need up to pick you up outside of San Sebastian, please contact us.

“San Sebastian by foot” and “Pintxo Tours” are three unique tours that do not require a vehicle. If you hotel is in the center of town, we will meet you there. If your hotel is not located in the center of town, we will meet on the Boulevard, at the taxi stop.

For more information about the most frequently asked questions we receive, click here.

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