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Private Tours Spain


The market is (almost) always right.

If this is our best-selling pack is because it includes everything worth enjoying around San Sebastian in 4 days: dreamy roads and fishing villages, the French Coast, history and gastronomy of San Sebastian, Rioja wines…

2200€ for 4 magical days. It is the smartest investment that will be presented to you today.

What will we visit?

Panoramic View of San Sebastián & Pintxos


The most complete tour of San Sebastian. 2 in 1. Merge the tours “San Sebastian Panoramic” and “Pintxo Tour Old Town” and do not miss anything: access to the best views of the bay, visit the city from east to west, know its history, its art and a thousand anecdotes… End in the best possible way: filling the stomach and treating your palate in the Old Town!

As we have already mentioned before, we will start the tour with the "Panoramic San Sebastian" tour. But after some good views of San Sebastian and with a bit of hunger... we go for pintxos to the Old Town!

san sebastian beach


We will start our tour through San Sebastian with the iconic Bay of La Concha, close to the town hall and Nautical Club. Both buildings are used as a reference to comment on the City’s Belle Epoque and to understand why it is appealing to visit. “Your honor! The carriage awaits, everything has been prepared for your dip at the beach!”
To continue our tour, two marked Cathedrals, The first situated in El Buen Pastor, 19th century neogothic influence. The second, an old basilica of the 18th century, located in the old town, baroque style. Both cathedrals aligned perfectly door to door. Followed by a location a bit more sacred: the farmers’ market. The Market of Saint Martin is a product of the people: an expression of the coming together of the ocean and the land, local product. Where the Basque people come day by day to provide their clients with only the best produce.

san sebastian surfing


After visiting Plaza Gipuzkoa, let’s have a look at the luxurious Hotel Maria Cristina, bathed in the richest architecture. By its side, The Royal Theatre of Victoria Eugenia, followed by crossing the bridge of the Urumea River to Gros, the city’s most notorious neighborhood.
Surfing, and beautiful people. Cool hamburger joints and local beer. All this merging with attorney law firms, car shops and delicious bakeries. Young, fresh and hip. LIFE. Won’t you enjoy a coffee, or fresh white wine from our lands? Quick! Smile, let’s take a quick foto! CHEEEESE!

san sebastian pintxos


San Sebastian is Michelin Star, Juan Mari Arzak or Subijana, fine dining cutlery and a sommelier proposing to try some notable wine. But San Sebastian is also about eating standing up, have a bite over here, over there, and little more over there, let’s have another one of those pintxos you love and pass over to a succulent ice cream not even Italy can compare. All this commotion between the Old Town and the Port. There we will take you, and there we will toast. “TOPA!”

Vistas Concha


Quickly now! Take your camera out, the photo will be worth it. After you’ve had breakfast, we will drive from your point of pickup to the peak of Mount Igueldo, just passing by the majestic villas of Ondarreta neighborhood. The road that takes us up the mountain leads us past the famous Rekondo Restaurant. At the peak, Igueldo’s Vintage Amusement Park, with some of the best views of San sebastian Bay. “Look over there, Who lives in that grand palace? What about over there, can you see those majestic peaks in Spain? How about the longest beach on the French Coast?

The Comb of the Wind


An open Plaza facing the Ocean (Luis Peña Ganchegui) and three sculptures exposed to the wind (Eduardo Chillida)... this will be our next stop, the visit is located at the western point of La Concha Beach, at the end of The Royal Tennis Club Walkway. This is without a doubt one of the most iconic and harmonious views of San Sebastian, a museum embracing the sky, where waves, metal and rocks merge together… as they will with you.

From here, to the Palace of Miramar, the previous summer residence of S.M Queen Maria Cristina. The building was designed by an English architect, with floral gardens leading to the brink of the shore.



We will move our way to the Wall of Sagüés to get a better view of Zurriola Beach, notorious for its surfing. This beach was widened in 1994. It wasn’t until that very year that a stone barrier was installed, creating an agreeable beach for the people of San Sebastian.

Teenagers competing in volleyball tournaments. Surfers bobbing afloat, waiting to catch the very next wave. European Tourists kissed by the hot summer sun.

Speculate from the Sea wall and perhaps get another glimpse from the Kursaal Auditorium (Rafael Moneo), one of the city’s most controversial buildings. Some love it, some beg to differ. “What about you, what is your opinion? Let us walk and chat about it

What is a pintxo? If you are browsing through this website and interested in visiting San Sebastian, it is probable that you already know. For those unaware of what a pintxo is, short and briefly explained: it is a small two bite serving served in the Basque Country. Unlike tapas, a pintxo is for you and for you only. It can be served either cold or hot.

best pintxos san sebastian


¿Can you imagine a bar full of dozens of succulent bites to eat decorating the counter top? No? This would be an example of a bar which serves cold pintxos. If it is served hot, it is prepared at the moment of its order. A hot pintxo is usually a bit more labor entailed. Another way to describe a pintxo : a Basque tapa. Main difference between a Basque tapa and a normal Spanish tapa: the Spanish tapa is sometimes free. The Basque tapa, or pintxo… is never free.

“Pintxo Tour” Defined: a tour where guests are guided and brought to eat some of the finest pintxos and to drink Spanish wine. The tour is equivalent to a lunch or dinner, guided throughout the numerous local bars and restaurants.

best pintxos san sebastian


Means listening to the guest. Tell us what wines you like, if you are up to lots of walking or just feel like relaxing at a bar. We can take you to all the secret corners of the old town, mold every experience to your liking. Tell us if you have any preference, something you may have read in an article or heard through friends. If San Sebastian is entirely new for you, don't worry, you are in some of the best hands to get to know our gastronomic culture.

Being guided means that you don’t need to worry about anything at all!

pintxos bars san sebastian


We know what specialties to ask for. Merging both classic and modern gastronomy styles. We know about the pintxos available only by seasons. We know how to get you out of your comfort zone and open you up to a whole new world of flavors and ingredients.

We also know how to toast with you, for a wonderful moment! Difficult to watch you enjoy the food, so we join in as well.


Txakoli Family Winery, Zumaia’s Flysch and Getaria


If you love wine and are looking for an authentic experience that combines nature, fishing villages and routes between cliffs and vineyards just minutes away from San Sebastian, this is your private tour.

flysch zumaia


Zumaia’s Flysch is hugely spectacular and simply enlightening.

Begin your morning by walking through the deep and tranquil formations of the seaside Flysch cliffs: the scenery depicts an episode of Game of Thrones, yet it is a natural work of art, with infinite geological value, we call it “an open book.” A demonstration of Earth’s evolution, 66 million years to be exact!

Normally this attraction doesn't draw too much attention, besides the seagulls of course. The Flysch tour has not ceased to surprise its viewers since minute 1.



Which village has the best grilled fish in the world? Getaria. In the whole world you say? In a small particular coastal town minutes away from San Sebastian? Yes. And if you don’t believe us, come have a look for yourself, we will take you along the narrow village streets, lined with open grills facing the spectators.

The first man to successfully circumnavigate the world, Portuguese Captain Magellan, right? Nope, it was Juan Sebastián Elcano, Basque sailor from Getaria! We tend to spend some time enlightening guests with the crazed adventure of Elcano, who arrived to navigate his way around the world. Don’t worry, it's a fun conversation, you won’t fall asleep.

Cristobal Balenciaga was also born here. Anything else you might think? Of course! Tiny narrow streets filled with small delicatessen shops, and txakoli of course. Did anybody say Txakoli?

Bodega Familiar


The family txakoli vineyard will be the last stop on this tour. We will learn about the elaboration of this wine, how the coastline affects the vineyard and how intimate and relaxed the Basque landscape can be. We will visit the vineyard and see their elaboration tanks, cheers to txakoli whilst eating a gilda, anchovies from Guetaria or Cantabrian Tuna. All this to add to the ocean and mountains surrounding us. TOPA!

KEY: Txakoli is pronounced CHA-KO-LEE, and is a typical wine made with Hondarribi Zuri grapes. This wine is high in acidity and dry, at times with slight notes of fruit and a hint of Burbuila! Bur what? That means bubbles in Basque! Hey, let's quit talking constantly about food and wine!

French Coast: Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz and Hondarribia


Douce France… Cher pays de mon enfance! Do we really need to explain to you why France is ALWAYS worth it?

Biarritz france


Posh, chic and presumptuous. Three words worthy of describing Biarritz.
Biarritz is beautiful and she knows it. The queen of the Basque French Coast: with some of the best breakfasts in the world. Biarritz is renowned for the visits she has received. Czars, actresses, emperors, you name it. Boutiques lining it with haute couture fashion, cafés, bistrots, romantic getaways, and some of the most beautiful promenades possible.

This tour includes a visit to Biarritz, La Grande Plage Boardwalk, The fishermen’s port, and the Rocher de la Vierge… where the Atlantic Ocean and the French coast create the perfect melody. To the South views of Mount Jaizkibel, our final destination on this tour.

San Juan de Luz


We will take the Coastal Route, the highway is for the impatient. Quick stop and bite to eat in Guethary, trust me, it’s worth it. Small white homes lining the ridge of the coast, wooden doors and beams painted in red, green and blue. Surfing territory and French Basque tradition, take a look at the beach bar and vegetation overtaking the rock structures surrounding us.
¿Moules et frites? Yes, Please! And a cold beer while we’re at it. S'il vous plait..

Yeah and what about Saint Jean de Luz… What about it!?

Saint Jean de Luz is one of the most picturesque villages of the entire French Coast. Its bay, filled with history, kings and fishermen. Small delicatessen with only the finest products found in the region. Well dressed and poised are the people you can find on La Rue Gambetta. Have a look at King Louis the XIV's village of choice for his marriage, focus on the so well preserved architecture of Ciboure, have a cafe au lait at Plaza Louis XIV and walk up to meet the sea wall.



Do you enjoy driving down roads between forests and oceanside views? So do we. La Route de La Corniche is one of the most beautiful roads to travel to Hondarribia! Our most beautiful town…

Why is it our most beautiful town you might ask? The old fishermen's homes are decorated with colorful balconies, lined with flowers. The restaurants and bars smell of grilled fish. The old part of Hondarribia is older than San Sebastian’s and the Txingudi Bay is open to the River Bidassoa shared equally with France’s border…

And what about the fame of San Pedro Kalea? Well, we are indeed in the Basque Country, we eat incredibly well here. Hondarribia is filled with authentic pintxo bars and restaurants. Do you prefer formal lunch? Or laid back glass of txakoli on the terrace with a pintxo, you decide!

A Day in Rioja D.O


Do you know that wonderful feeling? This Wonderful Feeling…
Being in a place where there are more vineyards than people. Knowing that you can enjoy that third glass of wine because you’re not the one driving. Being guided by an expert that will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you’ve been hoping for: Classic Wine Cellar or Avant Garde? A stroll through the River Ebro and through underground caves and a medieval village. Travel back in time and discover total peace, this is Rioja. It is not a sensation, it’s a way of life. Live for a day.

rioja wineries


What Wineries will we visit? Will they be traditional or Avant Garde? Familiar and small or renowned and large? What kind of wine will we taste? Will they be young styles or Gran Reserva? Will they follow the norm or be totally different? Will we walk through the vineyards? Will we visit the centers of elaboration? What about the food…

Breathe and listen. There are more than 600 wineries in Rioja D.O. There is an ocean of vineyards, delicious gastronomy and wonderful people.

We have designed a private tour that combines everything previously mentioned in a way that everything turns out just perfectly:

Comments from previous guests:

“Let’s take a photo in this authentic picturesque village!”

“They only produce 2000 bottles? Must be special. How much does it cost to ship a box back home?”

“How welcoming everyone is! I hope I retire here, in a little house, with a good book and lots of wine.”

Cata Clandestina


We like to keep it traditional, and you should too, (if not you wouldn't be traveling through Europe, would you?) and that is why we usually begin the tour by visiting hundred year old wineries in El Barrio de la Estación (Haro).

To cut it short: at this winery you will taste an exclusive selection of grand wines from Rioja, and you will learn to understand what is considered to be a good traditional Rioja wine, including what kind of barrels were used, how many years it took to age the wine, the different varieties of grape used…

But what would Old wine be if New Wine didn't exist?

A winery with signature wines where its creators exceed excellence by offering new and exciting products with a lot of care. The extra virgin olive oil, the bread, the charcuterie, everything perfectly detailed to accompany the wines of Rioja, What a Scandal!

And the third (depending on availability): a winery where the protagonist is the landscape. And all the pleasure and more is visual: a châteaux sorrounded vineyards. A tasting held in the underground caves from the 16th century…

rioja wine02


Various options for lunch are available. The restaurant is decided upon depending on the seasonality of produce available and the specialities of each restaurant. How about dining in a medieval village, Laguardia or San Vicente de La Sonsierra, for example. Or have a picnic in the middle of a vineyard, what about lunch in the hundreds of year old caves? Bit by bit, you’ll love it.

Well that is all. Wait! What about that metallic building in the distance, sculpted by the wind and the waves of the sea?

That is the Hotel of Marqués de Riscal Winery, designed by Frank Gehry. The building is a work of art, no doubt, and we will go to visit it. After wine tasting, a coffee at the hotel’s terrace is not a bad option.

Three wineries, a thousand vineyards, and multiple villages, a whole world. Come with us, come discover Rioja.

Note: lunch is included in this tour.


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Tours: San Sebastian City & Pintxos, Txakoli & Basque Coast, A Day in Rioja and French Coast


Full menu of pintxos and drinks for each person (Day 1)

Visit a Txakoli Vineyard with tasting and aperitives (Day 2)

3 wineries + traditional menu in Rioja (Day 4)

Professional guide



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